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RANGER MEDIATIONS INC. ("RMI") is an alternative dispute resolution firm specializing in the resolution of civil litigation matters through confidential and without prejudice mediation.​

Donna Ranger, B.Comm., M.B.A., LL.B.

Donna Ranger is a senior lawyer and mediator, and the principal of RMI. She received training in advanced mediation from The Harvard Negotiation Institute at Harvard Law School.  Prior to establishing her full time mediation practice in January 2012, Donna practised law for over twenty years in the field of civil litigation, representing the interests of plaintiffs and defendants in civil disputes.


As a litigator, Donna was involved in hundreds of negotiations and embraced the mediation process as an effective means of resolving legal disputes. Since transitioning to full time mediation practice, Donna has consistently demonstrated her skill as a mediator and her commitment to the dispute resolution process by successfully mediating hundreds of litigation matters including personal injury, disability, life insuance, and employment disputes.  She is a dedicated and diligent professional, focused on assisting each and every client to reach a resolution that will satisfy their respective needs, within the context of a balanced dispute resolution process. 

Donna is a member of the ADR Institute of Ontario/Canada, and a recognized member of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

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